Dear Members and Friends,
first of all, we hope that the Belgian Red Devils make it to the finals and win this 2018 world cup! Go RED DEVILS

In name of the entire BCOF team I like to take this opportunity to thank all members and friends, here and overseas for your support. Thanks to all who updated their memberships to the BCOF - 2018. For those who still like to do so the membership form 2018 is on our website and now we also have Paypal to make things easier. TheFloBel newsletter is replaced by our news on Face Book.

Belgians are doing fine in South Florida !! More and more Belgian businesses and entrepreneurs are bringing the goods here! We wish them all the best.
When I came to Florida in 1979, Belgium was unknown here! Some thought we were the capital of Germany, others made crazy remarks about Belgian waffles or Brussels sprouts. That luckily has changed! Everybody knows a lot more about Belgium now, especially that we make the best beer in the world.

We are on the map thanks to Kim Clijsters, Jean Claude Vandamme, Jusine Henin, Goffin and many more tennis players and don't forget our own Jazz icon Toots Thielemans, Jacques Brel or the singing nun with her song "Dominique". Stephen Spielberg made Tin-Tin (Kuifje) worldfamous. Everybody in the USA is discovering the beauty of Belgium. That's why so many more young Belgians are moving to the sunshine state Florida and feel at home. I am proud to say that the Belgian Club of Florida for the last 31 years has been the tool for most of you to connect with other Belgians, and in many cases making you feel at home among friends was always our goal. That's why we named our club from day one "THE BELGIAN CLUB OF FLORIDA", the club for all Belgians!

Yes, South Florida is a paradise to visit and we enjoy living here. It' s a perfect place to buy a vacation home. Prices are still very low. Take advantage of it! We have members in our club you can trust.

Belgian Club of Florida. 1987 - 2018 ... 31 years at your service!
The Belgian Club of Florida was founded in 1987 by Sir Paul Cuypers, Philippe Boets, Jef Verhelst and myself. Since that time we've always had the great fortune to work with the best volunteers and friends you can imagine. Our main goal is to have an open mind and an open door to all Belgians and friends living, visiting, moving, and working here in south Florida. To many Belgians arriving here. Our Club is the first contact with Florida and we do answer a lot of their questions. Our club helps them to make their first friends and long lasting relationships. Now we have a Dutch language and culture school 'DE ORANJEBLOESEM' People in Business can find their ways around too. With the assistance of the BCOF and its board-members, a Belgian chamber of commerce 'BELCHAM' for Florida is in place and every first Monday of the month Cynthia Legrand organizes BELGIUM MONDAY'S in south Miami, a nice night out meeting more Belgians and friends.

So you see. The club is not just something on a website or on FaceBook . The club is alive and kicking. We have again a great event calendar for the end of the year, weekly updated. Keep checking!! We really hope you can join us at all events..

We lost some good members... Our prayers and thoughts will always be with them and their families. The good memories will stay forever deep in our hearts. And of course we congratulate the ones that got married, the anniversaries, new babies, the kids who graduated or all the things you can think of in a normal family that can be celebrated. Yes, we get all the news here in the main office. Like I said earlier. With the new website and Facebook.. it will be a lot easier to get you all the breaking news...

And lastly, make sure that we have all your latest information!!
For questions, suggestions, new ideas, events.... Contact me direct or call me at any time 954 536 9857. Thanks for your support and help!!
cu soon!

Marc De Vlieger
President of the Belgian Club of Florida.
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